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Edgefactory is an Emmy© and Telly© award winning, full service media production factory. Founded in 1999, Edgefactory has grown from a boutique agency into a key global provider of multi-disciplined creative resources. Specializing in creative design, and with strict adherence to brand compliance standards, Edgefactory elevates organization brands by adding energy, emotion, and edge to meetings, tradeshows, special events and corporate communications for Fortune 500 companies, major industry associations and more. In addition to live event content and corporate communications, it produces commercials, public service announcements, and training videos.

Every project begins with ideas. From scriptwriting and pre-production to post production and VFX, Edgefactory produces world class content from concept to completion every time. Through research and development meetings involving every department, concepts are built into fully realized projects. This collaborative environment is how Edgefactory stays ahead of the trends, and always relevant in the ever-\changing media landscape. Upon approval from the client, projects go through a rigorous step-by-step process involving the entire Factory team to ensure everyone is focused on the same goal of making flawless productions.

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What is EDGE? It’s high energy, emotionally driven video content that blows minds at events, meetings, and trade shows. It’s stunning digital signage motion graphics, outstanding meeting opener visual effects, attention grabbing experiential video production, and tons more. Simply, we add the edge that sets your video content apart from everyone else. Video content shouldn’t suck. Add Edge so yours won’t.

Call, email, or drop by our World headquarters in Orlando. Our internationally-recognized, Emmy Award-winning team is ready to jump in and make your content different. Are you? Let’s do this!

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