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Waiting Room

Don't have your audience just sit there and twiddle thumbs. Make strategic use of the time before the event starts to deliver key messaging or branding to enhance the audience experience. Event sponsorships, housekeeping information, moments of exclusivity, etc… Screen time is valuable, so don’t let it go to waste.


3-2-1 action! A custom, pre-show countdown lets your audience know exactly when things will start and helps build anticipation. Then, engage your audience with a dynamic virtual event opening video experience that kicks off with a BANG!

Virtual Panels

Let’s chat! Inform and connect with your audience through LIVE, virtual discussions that give the ever-important element of interactivity. With live switching, we treat your moderated discussions like a multi-cam TV broadcast.

Virtual Meeting

Your event how YOU want it. Elevate your virtual event production and control the flow of your show from behind the scenes with our experienced team of WOWCast engineers and show callers.

Custom Branded

Make your event reflect your brand. From logo loops to virtual backgrounds, all digital real estate in a virtual event can be used to draw your audience in. Bring your event to life with custom content unique to YOUR brand.

Virtual Meetings

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