Event Planning & COVID-19: How to Keep the Coronavirus from Cancelling Your Event

A number of our clients have come to us concerned about COVID-19 and the potential impact on their event. At this stage, it can be difficult to know what to do. No one wants to jeopardize the health and safety of attendees, but you’ve likely already made an investment in your event and there’s a business need to reach your audience. What should you do?

If you’re looking for alternative options to compliment your on-site event or replace it with a remote one, if necessary, here are a few you should consider.

Compliment or Replace Your Event with Virtual Alternatives

With the uncertainty around COVID-19, attendance will likely be impacted by the threat of the virus. Virtual alternatives can allow you to deliver your event experience to any attendee unwilling or unable to travel or in case you decide to cancel the event.

Another advantage to pursuing these kinds of alternatives is that they allow you to turn your event material into owned content that you can use, reference or share as needed in the future.

How can you create an in-person experience virtually? Here are a few options.

Live Broadcasts

Keep your original plans intact and livestream your general session speakers and panelists to your audience. Shifting away from your original on-site plan? Reimagine your planned sessions and create them as a dynamic, live TV show instead. If you don’t have the space yourself, there are many vendors who have professional studio space available for rent. Why we love it: this goes beyond your traditional webinar and lets your audience immerse themselves in your brand virtually.

This option doesn’t have to be live – you have the option of recording and delivering your content as part of a branded package.

Remote Expert Panels

Similar to the live broadcast, this option allows you to take advantage of the talent and leadership you’ve secured for your breakout sessions and host them virtually instead. It’s also a great option for speakers or experts that are unable to travel due to restrictions. You can turn to them remotely to answer questions or share their expertise.

Virtual Expo/Virtual Booth Tour

Recreate your event expo for an online audience. Your exhibitors can provide branded content – from product collateral to videos – that your audience can browse from the comfort of their computer. This experience can include a virtual tour of the trade show booth. Your tuned-in audience can explore the booth on their screens and view product tours, video and white papers.

Sales & Support Meetings

One valuable part of the conference experience is the networking that takes place on the convention floor, whether that’s leadership and employees discussing topics between sessions or vendors and attendees discussing solutions at the expo.

Offering online meetings during your virtual conference replicates the opportunity for your product experts to personally engage with the audience during scheduled one-on-one meetings.

Engaging a Virtual Audience

The above alternatives are a great menu of options to help bring your audience to the table. But how do you captivate a remote audience? High-quality, dynamic content that tells your brand story and keeps your audience immersed in your event.

As your creative production partner, we can help add energy, emotion and edge to your on-site or remote event. We’ll help you engage your audience, wherever they are, with brand storytelling and creative content that brings your brand to life. Give us a call at (877)-291-3343 or email info@edgefactory.com to explore how you can keep your event a success for your attendees, no matter their location.

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