Virtual Meetings Most Used Terms

Branded Countdown (with music)

Similar to the Pre-Show Countdown, but branded video content to your specific event, both visually and through custom music. Also, integrate the countdown on top of the Pre-Show Visual Loop for even more impact.


Branded Moment of Exclusivity

Everyone loves a shout-out and your virtual event is no different. Take a minute to recognize important people and groups like executives and sponsors and give them of special moment branded to them and their organization.


Branded Overlays

Put your logo in the corner, add sponsor or meeting theme information across the bottom, tell your audience what’s coming up next with a graphical bug… Branded overlays allow you add additional visual elements to your virtual event with all sorts of possibilities.


Branded Radio

Ever thought about what your event sounds like? Well, we have, and it sounds awesome.  Capture another of your audience’s senses with branded radio.  Not only are the songs and genre customized for your event, but can also include branded event stingers just like a real radio station. Use before the event, during breaks, and between sessions to elevate the brand experience. Music licensing fees are included!


Closing Video Stinger

End on a high note with a closing video stinger. Remind your attendees what the event was all about and leave them feeling excited for next year and they walk out the virtual door.



A countdown clock on event look background.


Event Look with Logo

Custom look for your event with your company or theme logo.


Event Look without Logo (background)

Custom look for your event for use as a universal event background.


Interstitial/Transitional Videos

Take your attendees on a seamless journey through your event with custom interstitial and transitional videos. Topics, agendas, categories, etc. –  Use the power of video to connect with your audience while your audience connects the dots through your videos.


Logo Slide for Waiting Room

With a little moment of branding, you can let your attendees know they’re in the right place with a logo slide for your virtual waiting room.


Lower Thirds

Lower thirds provide names and titles for all of your onscreen presenters, so everyone knows who is speaking and the organization they represent just by looking at the screen in the “lower third” space.


PowerPoint Template Design

A bad presentation can stick out like a sore thumb, so set your speakers up for success with a professionally designed PowerPoint template that can be used for all onscreen presenters.


Pre-Show Countdown (non-custom)

A pre-show countdown lets your audience know just how long until the event starts. As the clock ticks down, your attendees can take their seats and make sure they’re ready for the start of the show.


Presentation Enhancement & Consultation

Take your existing presentation from “good” to “great” with our enhancement and consultation. Your presentations will benefit from our years of experience in both layout and design, and also pacing and flow.


Professional Voiceover Recordings

Leave your introductions and announcements to the pros with voiceover recordings. Give your event a distinct “voice” and a level of professionalism with pre-recorded voiceovers tied in with dynamic motion visuals from a variety of voices to represent your brand.


Title Cards

“And this person needs no introduction…” Oh, but they do! Full-screen title cards are a great way to introduce your speakers and moderators with their names, titles, and headshots for instant audience recognition. These can be integrated with a voiceover as well to serve as interstitials between presenters.


Virtual Background

Bring the background to the foreground and put a virtual backdrop behind your presenters. Not only does this give you another moment of branding for your event, but it helps tie the whole look together and make it feel like one cohesive space.


Virtual Event Opener

Entertain and engage your audience with a dynamic opening video experience for your event that kicks it off with a BANG! Tell the story of why they’re here, what they came for, and what they can expect to see.


Waiting Room/Pre-Show Visual Loop

Don’t have your audience just waiting for the event to start, engage them with a pre-show visual experience. Sponsor recognition, brand, and theme animated messaging, housekeeping announcements, existing company ads, or even a fun loop of employee photos… all set to play on top of a dynamic music loop. Customize your pre-show experience and take advantage of your captive audience.


Welcome/Brand Moment

A great way to kick off your virtual event is with a brand moment. Welcome your attendees with a graphic designed to the theme of the event and remind them of what they have to look forward to.


Welcome Video Stinger

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video is worth even more. Take your welcome moment up a notch and get the crowd excited with a short welcome video that packs a punch with dynamic animated branding set to music and/or sound effects and a voiceover to add that special touch that is funny, engaging and heartwarming.


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