How to Enhance an Event for a Remote Audience in 3 Steps

Whether hosting a remote event or using remote tactics to complement your on-site plan, keeping your offsite audience tuned-in and engaged is an important consideration.



How do you captivate an audience that is not physically present? Here are three ways to create an experience for your attendees without being in the same room.

Dynamic Video Content is Key

Having professional quality, visually pleasing content is a must. Think outside the traditional webinar or livestream and imagine what your event or presentation could look like.


When your keynote is shot like a live TV show, you’re providing a dynamic and more entertaining experience – which keeps your audience’s attention. Incorporating stunning graphics with a multi-camera experience is sure to keep eyes on your event and take it to the next level.


Rethink your product demos. Would your product unveiling be more exciting shot like a movie trailer? Would your employees enjoy being recognized in a video that’s reminiscent of the Saturday Night Live opening credits? High-quality videos can deliver a polished message that gets an enthusiastic response, even from a remote audience.

Make it Interactive

Creating an interactive experience keeps your audience from being just viewers and turns them into virtual attendees. A few ways to activate your off-site audience include:

  • Live Chats
  • Real-Time Q&A
  • Audience Polling
  • Collaborative Documents


Another way to build in audience participation is to host a viewing party for the event. Bringing together groups of employees or other types of attendees in smaller, local locations to watch the event together can be the best of both worlds, especially when all attendees aren’t able to travel to the event. You’ll have on-site participation and opportunities to engage the group through activities like polls or even contests.

Personal & Customizable

Customization allows your attendees to create an in-person experience remotely. For example, you can create an app that allows the attendee to view and create a “build-your-own” conference schedule based on their personal preferences and interests. They could even add flagged sessions to their personal calendar to ensure time is carved out for their participation.


The interactive elements mentioned above are a way to personalize the conference experience for the attendees. Polls, chatting and real-time Q&A are great ways to make your event experience personalized for the attendee, regardless of their location.


If you are hosting an off-site viewing party for a livestream, take a moment or find ways to acknowledge the offsite attendees. Making your content feel personal connects with your audience in a way that keeps them connected to your event.


Giving Remote Events Edge

By creating polished, energetic and engaging content, you can capture your audience’s attention, even when they’re not in the room with you. As your creative production partner, we work with you to create dynamic, interactive solutions that you can customize for your audience. Call us at 877-291-3343 or email to discuss how we can help add edge to your event.

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